A Way of Be(i)ng Collection

A Way of Be(i)ng Collection

After taking a brief hiatus to pause and reflect, Sturla is back with the A Way of Be(i)ng collection.

A Way of Be(i)ng takes a positive view of human potential and growth; encouraging self-exploration rather than the study of others.

The collection fuses forward thinking, functional design with hand-crafted techniques. Nuno felting, needle felting, wet felting and needle punching processes all play integral parts and remain truthful to the core principles of the brand. Each of these techniques are carefully considered and were born out of a time of extensive experimentation and development that took place during lockdown.

You will find familiar feelings within the collection but the return of Sturla also brings with it a natural evolution that includes the unfamiliar. Whilst menswear still features heavily, we have now integrated womenswear into this latest offering. This addition follows the brand’s original DNA highlighting further the contrast of the utilitarian feel of the modern fabrics combined with ancient craft techniques.
For the A Way of Be(i)ng campaign, Emma Williams captures Sturla’s evolved identity perfectly whilst still embracing the essence of the brand’s foundations. Motion and static are reflective of the busy and the tranquil.

Photographer - Emma Williams
Art Direction/Styling - Beatrice King
Hair/Makup - Oona Michel
Models - Kris Vutithum, Sara Sternberg, Melissa Eakin, Joel Wilson, Jonah Perez

Special thanks to David Farrell, Emma Williams, Joel Wilson, Jonah Perez, Kris Vutithum, Melissa Eakin, Millie Potts, Oona Michel, Sara Sternberg, Scott Jones and Simon Mellor.













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