Momentary Detachment Scent

Momentary Detachment Scent

For the Momentary Detachment collection, we created an immersive sensory space to resemble the calming feeling of being in and around fresh water.

We wanted each and every individual visiting to feel like they were stepping into a bubble - somewhere they didn't want to leave.

For us, it was essential that smell played a big part in this so we worked with our good friend Timothy Han to formulate a scent for the space.

This was crafted from a range of ingredients but most prominent was mitti attar - an Indian essential oil distilled from sun-dried clay using traditional methods. The scent is reminiscent of the first rainfall during monsoon season, capturing the idea of minerals coming out of the dried earth, to evoke a sense of momentary detachment from the day-to-day.

The scent was dispersed through a series of three diffusers which were positioned around the space.


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