Sensory Perception Collection

Sensory Perception Collection

Sturla unveils their upcoming non-seasonal collection through a series of images shot by Alec McLeish showcasing both menswear and womenswear looks. The collection draws inspiration from the process of Sensory Perception.

Sensory perception is the use of our senses to gain a better understanding of the world around us. This process begins when something in the real world stimulates our sense preceptors. This is a way in which we can attempt to distinguish between what is real and what is not, something that is becoming increasingly blurred.

Sturla takes subtle references from Tarsem Singh’s The Cell and David Cronenberg’s Existenz – both of which explore different ideas around reality and fantasy and the fine line between the two. Graphic prints feature in the collection, the first a play on organic forms that can be found in the latter of the two films and the second featuring a bold depiction of a Tactile Epithelial cell – the cells that are essential for light touch sensation. 

All graphics have been designed by good friend of Sturla, Scott Jones.

The idea of light touch sensation can be seen in Sturla’s tactile fabric selection for the new collection, through the soft touch of the orange seal neoprene, to the disruptive needle punching applied to a lightweight ripstop. This is heightened further through the minimal colour palette consisting of only 3 colours, grey, orange and blue, presented in various shades, allowing the focus to be on the textures used.

You can also find familiar shapes from the previous collection, the Curve Closure Hooded Jacket and Wrap Skirt, this time presented in a waterproof 3-layer denim.

Aside from the needle punching, wet felting is also apparent in this collection through various accessories, highlighting even more the organic forms referenced from Cronenberg’s Existenz.

The Sensory Perception collection will be available Autumn 2024.


Creative Direction/Styling – Beatrice King/David Farrell

Photography – Alec McLeish

Photography Assistant - Rami Hassen

Hair & Makeup - Fey Carla Adediji

Models – Alio Collins/Laura D'Agnelli



















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