Sturla always aims to make conscious decisions to minimise over production and reduce both impact and waste. We have previously worked on releasing limited runs and have mostly operated on a made-to-order basis. As the brand grows, made-to-order will not always be possible but we are constantly discovering new ways to act as responsibly as possible and continue to maintain the same values as when Sturla was born.

We continue to use a mix of carefully-sourced deadstock, repurposed and upcycled fabrics where possible as well as textiles created in-house. These textiles are made using wet, nuno and needle felting techniques as well as needle punching. Each process is explored through an extensive research and development process and then implemented and applied in innovative ways.

Whilst felting in the various forms plays the biggest part here, we continue to explore various other handcrafted techniques and showcase them in new and forward thinking ways.